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You want to speak English easily, and now is the time to do it. We have created advanced and powerful lessons and they are on sale now!

Are you ready?

Our Powerful Lesson Set Can Help You

These lessons are very powerful. You speak English, without hard work, without trying. Use them only after you have worked through our Original Flow English Lessons. These Advanced Lessons build on the learning and foundation you gained from our Original Lessons. Use Flow English: Advanced to take your English to the next level with new stories, vocabulary, idioms, grammar, and speed…

You do this 1 hour every day and you speak English easily, and fast. You use the lessons and you feel strong and relaxed when you speak English.

The Flow English: Advanced Lesson Set has 20 sets of our powerful, science-based  lessons. That’s Vocabulary and Grammar lessons, our proprietary Listen & Answer Mini-Story lessons, Commentaries, and free bonus lessons from Flow English: Interviews and Foto English.

“If you empty your purse into your head, no man can take it away from you. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”– Benjamin Franklin

The 2X Guarantee

When you use Flow English: Advanced, we guarantee your success. If within 6 months you don’t find yourself speaking better English, then just tell us and we will refund your money.

If you don’t speak English better after using the lessons for 6 months, we will refund 2X the cost.

Get Access to Exclusive Lessons

Not everyone can get our lessons!

“We don’t want everyone to buy our new lessons. Our lessons are for intermediate and advanced students who want to speak fluent English.” – Chris

Each month, only a small number of people can get our lessons at a discount. After 300 people buy them, we will raise the price.

For this reason, you may not be able to get the discounted price. This is a special offer so you must act soon!

“I love learning with you Chris. You are so fun, weird, exciting– like X-Files! I’m glad Flow English is growing quickly and I hope more people will join.” – John Garcia, Austin, TX (USA)

“Dear Chris and A.J.,
I´m 71 and I bought Your Flow English 3 years ago for my grandson, now he is 12. Your teaching way is really great, we both like it. We would like to continue by listening to new stories of Your course. In my package are 22 stories, like Evil English teacher, Starving bug,  Baseball pig, Sweet dreams, Super cow, Sick in India, Roach vacation, Movie star, Mama´s boys, Lemon Dog  and so on.

Tell me please, is there a new package of stories, different from this, which I bought before? If yes, I will order it immediately or, like is said in the Super cow story, right away! Thank You to get Your answer. -Jan Padrnos, Prague, CZ

Improve Your English Immediately!

Because you download all of these lessons, you can use them immediately. Improve your English right now. Don’t wait!

There is no shipping. You immediately get a link to the download the lessons, so there is no reason to wait, you can start today!

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Enjoy Your Advanced English Learning,

Chris Moses
Director, Flow English